Sunday, 28 May 2017



Review by Joey

Genre/s: Noise Rock, Psych, Post-Punk
For Fans Of: The Stooges, Chrome, Strangulated Beatoffs, Paul Chain

Well, they did it -- they released another album essentially titled "Burning Hell." Brainbombs are a band who can do no wrong; their uncanny ability to consistently churn out riff after riff of psych-driven noise rock perfection is unmatched, and this new LP is no exception.

The first thing I noticed about Inferno (aside from the fact that they've finally recorded a studio version of "Stormy Blast Of Hell") is that each song builds from an uneasy calm into a terrifying wall of aggression and intimidation. Brainbombs are generally thought of (by pedestrian fools) as a band who always explode right out of the gate, but on this LP they rely on uncomfortable slow burn buildups which are incredibly effective at evoking the level of dread inspired by their lyrics -- much like what they do on "Right Side Of Hell" and "Skinned Alive," which are two of their most powerful (and oddly underrated) tracks -- and the chilling album art represents this perfectly. Each song on here feels like being out in the country and looking back suspecting that you're being followed -- and then being right (coincidentally, that actually happened to me before listening to this for the first time, so I can confirm that this really nails it) -- but will you be able to escape?

Brainbombs are a truly interesting band, because they are one of the few whose lyrics focus on extreme violence and abuse while still acting as a commentary rather than being used simply as a means of being offensive -- something which has always been integral to noise, but tends to get lost when edgy dudebros don't get it. Don't get me wrong, it's still definitely problematic, but I would argue that the clear self-awareness of the presentation makes it far less dangerous than Black Flag casually (and sincerely) throwing in that they want to beat up their girlfriends.

Anyway, a huge thanks to my friend for ripping his copy (including the bonus single-sided 7") and sending it my way! Now I just have to wait for that new Rudimentary Peni EP to come out, and I'll have my two best releases of the year. But what are you dorks waiting for? Download this fucker, turn off the lights, and let your paranoia run wild.

1. Inferno
2. They All Deserve To Die
3. Rock Your World
4. If You See My Face
5. An Eye For An Eye
6. Just An Ordinary Fuck
7. Malfunction
8. Wanted To Kill Your
9. Trust Me [bonus 7"]


I'm going to try to post more frequently again now that I've finished school. Expect a submissions megapost and some other random goodies in the coming weeks. Fucked By Noise isn't dead (yet).

Not sure how I made it through this without making a "burn, baby burn" joke.


  1. is there really awful sound quality or i get something wrong? Thanks for upload

    1. Yes, the pressing doesn't sound that good.

    2. If you're referring to the lofi production, that's something which has been integral to a large portion of Brainbombs' recorded output. I think it sounds fantastic; it's reminiscent of some of the cuts on my favorite of their LPs, "Genius And Brutality -- Taste And Power," as well as some of their EPs.

    3. I'm not about the way it was recorded, but about it sounds like it was recorded and then corrupted somehow. Maybe bad rip quality, maybe i get something wrong... Maybe..maybe...

  2. Hey glad you're back and posting!!

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  4. Fuck yeah! My favourite crooks!

  5. Congrats on finishing school!

  6. Thanks for this. One gets the idea they only used the lyrics on the title-track, as musically speaking it's totally different than the Lund LP's version of "stormy blast...".

  7. Also, I never found anything "problematic" about Brainbombs lyrics - provided one understands (or at least tries to understand) the context of it all.

  8. Fuck yeah I was hoping you were still posting!

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  12. thanks for this one!!
    do you have new No Balls Album More Is More too??

  13. Good review and thanks for the download. Am I the only one who can't make out the lyrics?

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